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Youth Alpha has started!

Every day we ask ourselves hundreds of QUESTIONS. What will I wear? What will I eat? Who should I hang out with?
Sometimes we ask ourselves BIGGER QUESTIONS like, what will I be when I grow up? where will I live?
And occasionally we ask the REALLY BIG QUESTIONS like, why am I here? whats my purpose? and is this really it?

The reality is there are not a lot of places we can go to explore life’s BIG QUESTIONS, so we are providing a space to ask and seek the answers to some of those BIG QUESTIONS

Youth Alpha is for those in High School age and will be run a little differently to our usual Sunday morning youth lessons, we will meet a 10 am in the youth room for morning tea, we will watch a video and have a great discussion.

WHEN: Starts Sunday 20th May
TIME: 10-11.30am
WHERE: Meet in the youth room (above the church hall)