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Welcome Kathryn Jensen

This week we will welcome Kathryn Jensen, who will help out at Albert Park Baptist Church during Katrina’s absence. Kathryn is currently the Associate Pastor at Mill Park Baptist Church, a large suburban church where she has been since 2010. At Mill Park Kathryn is responsible for the areas of Welcome/Belonging, Small Groups and Pastoral Care. Kathryn will be coming to us on secondment from Mill Park.

Kathryn will be working 3 days a week. Her days in the office will be Tuesday and Wednesday. She will begin next week on Tuesday 26 June and conclude on Sunday 12 August.

Kathryn will oversee the conduct of Sunday’s worship services: working with Henrike, Jenny and Worship Leaders as per usual. She will preach 6 out of the 9 Sunday’s Katrina is away. Kathryn will provide day to day leadership and direction for staff to ensure the continued success of our recent appointments. She will work with the Deacons, continuing to ensure the church operates effectively. Kathryn will work with Ian Hawley to address any pastoral care issues.

The Deacons are excited about Kathryn’s appointment and believe that God has been at work bringing it about. Our sense is that God will really use Kathryn and her gifts to continue to draw us into becoming more wholehearted.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Wendi ( or one of the Deacons.