“For the past 3 years, Youth Group has been a really amazing place where I have been supported and challenged in my faith. In Kids Club you learn about the stories in the Bible, and in Youth Group you learn about integrating faith into your own life. This includes how being Christian impacts the decisions you make throughout the day and what it means for your future. Youth Group really supports your own connection and relationship with God.

The Sunday morning sessions in Youth group are an amazing, safe environment where I can ask questions, can learn from older and wiser people’s insight, and also challenge my own faith. At the same time, it’s great to be around people who are my age and who are also people of faith. Most of the time I’m not around people who love God, so it’s really good to be in place with likeminded people, who are all asking the same questions, and are able to help each other.

Youth Group is a really great place. Each week I learn something new and I feel like I’m gaining more knowledge and wisdom. Youth Group encourages me every week to go out and live what I’ve just learned. It also helps me in talking to my friends about God. Listening to other people insights and experiences helps me to talk to other people about my faith, and to help them with their own.”