“I have been in a small group ever since I’ve been at the Church, which is about 6 years. I find that it’s the best place for me to make a connection with people. On a Sunday morning, I am juggling the kids and often we have places to go so it is really hard to get to know people. Small Group is the place where I can build relationships.

One of the things I really enjoy love about small group is that I learn more about God’s Word. I really enjoy the studies that we do. I really enjoying learning and asking questions and discussing things together with the other women.

Being a part of a small group takes commitment. When I’m feeling tired after a really long day, sometimes I don’t want to go. When I push through and go anyway, I always feel so blessed by being there.

I’m so glad I belong to a small group, it’s an important part of my life and I wouldn’t want to be without it.”