Ellen is part of our Worship team on Sunday mornings

“I am involved with the worship team because I’ve always loved to sing. I’ve never been particularly confident in my ability, but I just thought I would give it a go. When I am singing, I feel relaxed and I feel a connection with God. I feel joyful and that is what I want to share with people. Psalm 84 talks about that God gives you good ideas and speaks to you while you are worshipping, because you are focusing on Him. When I take notice, I really feel God is speaking to me during worship. I feel like He is inviting me not to focus on people around me, but to focus on Him during worship and to really lose myself in Him.

Some weeks it can be difficult. But in those moments, I have found focusing on magnifying God really helpful. Literally putting a magnifying glass over the difficult situation I’m facing with God, and drawing God into whatever it is I’m experiencing. Because ultimately, God is bigger than the situation I’m facing.

I like to set that example, both in the way that I worship God at church and also in my everyday life. For my children, seeing their mum worship God, communicates to my children that I take my faith and my relationship with God seriously. It’s also important for me to contribute to the life of the church, I really feel part of the church when I serve the church through being a member of the Worship Team.

Being a member of the worship team is easier than people think. If you are thinking about it, you should give it a go. The great thing about this church is that there is a lot of opportunity and freedom to develop your gifts in worship.”