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Tales about the State Youth Games

“3 brave girls (- Anna Matler, Annabelle Sterkenburg and Lucinda Armstrong Hall) and 3 courageous boys: (Liam Taylor, Tom Gowland and Monty Herbert Morgan) all set off with the aid of illustrious leaders: Adam Sattler, Katherine Matler and Michele Sterkenburg to conquer what is the “State Youth Games” on Friday 10th of June. Our “Albert Park Youth” joined “Impact youth from Boort Baptist Church” and continued the friendships we began back in October last year.

IMG_1871State Youth Games was started about 24 years ago by Churches of Christ. It is a weekend of fun sports- like bubble soccer, ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, volleyball, netball, chess, uno, dance and artistic pursuits (plus many many more like football, soccer, cross country running, etc etc). We camped with about 3000 teenagers  just outside Warragul at a place called Lardner park, overlooking a lake and rolling green hills.

At nights there was music, motivational speakers and a little social village with hot chocolates etc- all with a Christian message. We got very muddy, we lost games, we won games, had lots of laughs and played “2 truths and a lie” by the campfire. We had one of our group- “Ronan” from Boort , who came equal first in Chess for the whole tournament!

We came 57th out of 65 youth groups… so not bad for our first time and for one of the smallest youth groups! The most important thing was that it was an unforgettable experience for everyone who went, with I am sure, lifelong friendships made and nurtured. Go God!”


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