Small Groups

When people first start coming to Albert Park Baptist Church, they are often looking for a way to connect more deeply with God, and to build relationships with people in the Church community. Small groups are the ideal place to do both of those things. 

Small groups provide a safe, welcoming, and relaxed environment to engage with others and with God. Small groups provide a place to work out our faith, wrestle with the Bible, grow in our knowledge of God, become more like Jesus, and experience the love, acceptance and encouragement of others who are seeking to follow Jesus.

At Albert Park Baptist Church we have a space for everyone. We offer a variety of small groups which meet locally in people’s homes or at the church (see below for an indication of the groups that are running in 2021).

We would love to connect you with a small group which suits you!

If you would like to know more about Small Groups, please contact our Senior Pastor Cameron