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Lent – A Season of Expectation


I grew up knowing nothing about Lent. What is ‘lent’, a herb or a holiday? It turns out neither.

Lent is the period of 40 days which comes before Easter. During Lent, the Church across the world joins together in walking with Jesus toward the cross. Different people do different kinds of things to enter in Lent; they give up things, they create things, they pray different prayers and much more besides.

The reason I love Lent is that each year it takes me back to my foundation in Jesus and it reminds me to continue to expect great things from God.

I’ve been reading the Bible for decades and I still feel like I have a long way to go to fully enter the story of Jesus – to really take it in. I know this because each time I open myself up to this story I hear something new, I see things I’ve never seen before and I am amazed and encouraged.

I love Lent because it draws me back and invites me to wrap myself up in the story of Jesus like a cloak. To drink it in and know the soul quenching power of this living water.

Will you join me?

During Lent, I invite you to enter again deeply into the saving work of God in Jesus as we intentionally seek to follow him in his life, death and resurrection.


I’ve put together THIS BOOKLET for you. It sets out a series of weekly Bible readings that follow the journey of Jesus to the cross and beyond. It’s designed so that each week you can take in and reflect on one Bible passage. Then come along on Sunday morning as we reflect together about the story we’ve read during the week.

But be WARNED! If you download and use this booklet, God will speak to you. Are you ready for that?  I hope you are, there could be nothing more exciting!

Grace and Peace

Katrina Lambert