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Hope – in short supply for Australian High Schoolers

A recent Gallup Student poll asked students in Years 5 through 12 how hopeful they were. The poll found that less than half (48%) of students could be classified as “hopeful,” meaning they have abundant ideas and energy for the future.

I was shocked by these results. I get why 50 year olds might be feeling stuck or discouraged; but what are we doing to reduce the hope of our young people who are on the cusp of launching into life?

Hope is at the core of the good new of Jesus, and for Christians, Jesus is that hope. But what do we really mean when we say that?

It means not putting our hope in ourselves, that somehow we will get it together, but putting our hope in God’s redeeming work in the world. Unlike us, Jesus actually had it all together and he still experienced betrayal, suffering and the grave.  But God reached into the grave and raised Jesus to new life.  And God continues to reach into the graves we dig ourselves and each other and he will raise us to new life, just like he did to Jesus.

God is not finished with you or the world yet. Your story is not over. There are no graves from which resurrection is impossible.

May you know this hope in your life today.

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