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24 hours of prayer

We are concluding our month of prayer with 24 hours of uninterrupted prayer.

Starting at 11am on Sat 6 July, we would like to invite you to join us in 24 hours of prayer and fasting.
We will be praying for:

  • That all people find new life in Jesus Christ
  • That all those you meet might see something of Jesus
  • For our church to overflow with the reality of the presence of Jesus.


The 24 hours will start at 11am Saturday and finish with the service on Sunday. We will be opening the church from 2-6pm Saturday afternoon, and before the service on Sunday, and would love you to come and pray together.
If you are unsure of your hour on the prayer roster please click here to access the roster online.


Our 24 hours of prayer will be supported by 24 hours of fasting, from 11amSaturday to the service on Sunday. If you cannot fast for medical reasons, or just don’t fancy it, please don’t let that stop you joining us in prayer.