Rev Katrina Lambert

Senior Pastor

Hello, I’m Katrina.

I grew up in a Baptist family, but like many ‘church kids’ there came a point in which my faith was either going to fully become my own or fade away. I’m not the kind of person who settles for easy answers. It was through a process of exploring the world, experiencing both its delights and pain, and throwing some really tough questions at God that my faith was refined and strengthened.

Hearing the call to pastoral ministry marked a radical left turn in my life as I’d spent about 15 years climbing various corporate ladders.  After studying Social Science, I worked in management consulting in Canberra, London and Melbourne in the areas of leadership and change management. I really enjoyed being a consultant, but pastoral ministry is the place I’m meant to be. I’ve been pastoring at Albert Park since 2010.

I completed my theological training at Whitley College (the Baptist Theological College of Victoria) where I majored in Biblical Studies for the simple reason that I love the Bible. I find reading the Bible an endlessly fascinating, confounding and inspiring experience.

I am an ordained Baptist Minister with the Baptist Union of Victoria.  I am really passionate about education and serve as a member of the Council of the University of Divinity.

I live in Middle Park with my husband Christopher, we fell in love because of a photocopier and an Excel marco  – it’s a long story. I really enjoy cooking, painting and walking along the local beach.

I also enjoy a good prayer – one that moves or surprises me, or expresses what I feel but cannot say.  It’s this experience that motivated me become a ‘prayer-gatherer’ and create a website to collect the prayers of Victorian Baptists. You can find it here.

I’d love to welcome you to this community that I love, here at Albert Park Baptist Church.