Raising Teens Series

What is it?

The Raising Teens Series is a series of information evenings being run to support the parents of teenagers in the Albert Park Community.

These information evenings will invite highly regarded researchers and speakers to inform parents on the major concerns facing them as they raise teenagers in today’s context.


The topics that will be covered

Part 1: It’s time we talk: pornography young people and sex today. (passed)

Part 2: Let’s Talk: Mental health, young people and strategies for today (passed)

Part 3 Video games: It’s not all bad – 26 MARCH 2019

Part 4: Body Image, Perfection, and Success in the Age of Social Media -28 MAY 2019

Raising teens: Part 3

Let’s Talk: Gaming, Socializing, and Digital Play

Parents attending this presentation will gain a better understanding of the rich and the vibrant world of video game culture. They will get an insight into what video games mean in the lives of children and young people today and how far young people’s engagement extends beyond the controller in their hands.
Daniel will share a range of experiences and approaches related to where technology is located in the house, how to engage with your children about the games they are playing and how to have the conversations about the impact and role video games have in the lives of families and the individuals within them.

Through this research-rich and productive presentation, parents will come away with less guilt and feel empowered about how they can best engage with their children about video games and technology in their household.

When: Tuesday the 26 MARCH 2019

Time: 8.00-9.30pm

Location: 115 Kerferd Rd, Albert Park. Entrance to the hall is on Richardson Street.

Cost: free

To secure your seat visit raising_teens.eventbrite.com.au 

Who is Daniel?
Daniel Donahoo works at the intersection of learning, technology, games, and play.
Daniel is the author of Idolising Children (UNSW, 2007) and co-author of Adproofing Your Kids (Finch, 2010). These books reflect his work that explores how we support children and students in the modern world and use what we know about their development to support their use and engagement with digital media technology.

He is the Director of Project Synthesis, where he has helped develop and deliver a
wide range of projects that include the development of learning apps, alternate
reality games for education and mental health programs for children and young

Daniel is also the driving force behind two projects interested in supporting the
development of quality content and apps for children: the Children’s App Manifesto
and Better Apps. Both of these projects have gained significant attention from media and key players in the childhood and technology space.

Daniel has appeared on national and international television, is a regular keynote
speaker and continues to take a practical and pragmatic approach to align his
research with projects that make an impact on the world.

For more information contact Kat Mattila:
Phone: 0412 571 980
Email: Kat.mattila@albertpark.org.au