St. Kilda Food Van

THIRD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH, 5.30PM – Peanut Farm Reserve, Chaucer Street, St. Kilda


We are part of a group of volunteers that are involved in providing a high quality sit down meal to around 100 people in St Kilda. The meal is served on Sunday nights at the Peanut Farm Reserve behind Acland Street, St Kilda. It is prepared in a commercial grade kitchen in a warehouse in Port Melbourne, all done by volunteers!

We are an increasingly wealthy area but there are still many people who are isolated from society and struggling with the cost of living. Having a sit down meal is a chance to engage with our disadvantaged neighbours on their terms. We believe that if you feed people nutritious food, they will feel better physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Andrew helps coordinate a team of over 10 volunteers from our church. It’s great to be a part of loving our local community in this way.

If you are interested to come and help, let us know by leaving a message here.