Overseas Missions

The heart of God is for all people and nations. As His church, our call and commitment is to be an active part of God’s global mission. In partnership we see ourselves as making disciples, building and empowering the church worldwide in holistic mission. In particular we continue our support of:

Julie McKay

Julie works with Wycliffe Bible translators in PNG. Julie has undertaken intense language research and training.

In October 2010, Julie joined the Teop translation project in Papua New Guinea. She works alongside local Teop translators, Joyce and Ailyne, to help produce the best quality translation they can.

The Teop people are excited to read God’s word in their own language.

Website:  www.wycliffe.org.au

JO Fraser Centre

The JOF Centre helps Lisu churches and other tribal groups through theological training and equipping local students for evangelism and discipleship. This is accomplished through five distinctives: mentoring, community, study, mission and work.

Student pastors at the Centre are trained in English, Theology and Discipleship, enabling them to share the gospel with their own people.

For more information, have a look at their Facebook page


1,000 Villages

1,000 Villages, led by Justin at Rattana Whitecross, is an independent Christian organisation with a heart for the impoverished, abused and exploited women and young girls of Thailand and Burma. To achieve change, 1,000 Villages has developed practical, educational, microfinance development and psychological programs which are delivered in schools, villages and slums.

Website: www.onethousandvillages.org


The O People in NEA*

Two missionaries are working with OMF in the NEA area, helping out with leadership, pastoral care and looking towards the future.

For more information about the work of OMF, take a look at their website

The R People in the Pacific*

Two missionaries are working with OMF in the Pacific with refugees. They show the love of Christ through diligent community work, teaching English and providing practical assistance.

For more information about the work of OMF, take a look at their website

The IS People in SEA*

These missionaries work together with Global Interaction in the SEA area. They work in the community in various positions and look for opportunities to discuss faith issues in a way that is relevant and meaningful within the culture they live, encouraging to discover Jesus.

For more information about the work of Global Interaction, take a look at their website


* Please note that due to the sensitivity of the missionaries work, personal information is being withheld