Children & Youth Ministry

Children are a valued and precious part of the life of our Church. We love having children as part of our Services. We also have a number of special events each year just for kids as well as our regular Sunday morning programs.

The heart of this ministry is seeking to sow, nurture and nourish the children’s faith and love of God and one another. This is done through the teaching of the Bible and the modelling of a living and meaningful faith by teachers. Children are encouraged through worship, prayer, practical service, leadership opportunities and living their faith in everyday life.

If you are interested and would like to know more about the Children & Youth Ministry, you are welcome to come a bit earlier before the Sunday Service and have a chat with the leaders of the groups. They can tell you more in depth about the programs and what they do during their time. And it is also possible to join with your children for the first time to get a feel for the groups.

Children in the age of 0 to Kinder

During the Sunday Service we have a Creche room available for you to use. There is space and toys for children to run around. During the service, follow the people leaving for Kids Club out and ask someone to direct you. The Creche room is at the back of the Church Hall.

During the week in school term we have our Community Playgroup for children in this age group.  Playgroup closed due to covid for 2020, but we hope to reopen it in 2021. You can read all about it HERE

Children in the Primary School age

Kids Club is a fantastic program designed to teach children about the love of God for them in a secure environment based on fun! Our dedicated team are committed to seeing the children grow and learn and to love every minute of it.

If you like to know more about Kids Club, all their information can be found HERE.

Youth in the High School age

The Youth Group comes together on Sunday mornings, during the Sunday service, and on Friday evenings there is the Youth Social program.

For more information about the Sunday activities, click HERE. If you like to know more about the Youth Social Program, you can find that HERE.