Welcome to Albert Park Baptist Church!

Whatever your circumstances and no matter where you’ve been or what’s happened in your life, you are welcome in our community.

At Albert Park Baptist Church you’ll find a loving community of people, longing to see lives flourish.

Grow & Learn

We are people who are learning and growing. We’re on the way, putting one foot in front of the other, open to all that life and God has for us. We’re wrestling with the big and small questions of life like, ‘What does it mean to have a ‘good’ life?’ and, ‘Who is Jesus and what does he have to say to me today?’ We are seeking to live into our questions and hold our answers humbly.

Belong & Care

We are a welcoming group of people who have found a place to belong and care for each other, and so we offer the same to you. We value the unique story of everyone – God is at work in all of us. One of the ways we live this out is through gathering in small groups during the week in people’s homes. This is the place where we can truly be known and share in each others story.

Connect with God

When we’re connected with God, it’s like we get a new set of eyes to see the world and ourselves.  When we’re connected with God we gain a perspective that changes how we experience everyday life. The most visible way we connect with God is through our Sunday worship services. Worship roots us and realigns us to God’s work in our hearts. Worship sends us out to be God’s people at home, at work and to ends of the earth.

Just moved to the Neighbourhood?

Perhaps you just moved to the inner city suburbs of Port Phillip, or maybe you are planning to come. In any case, welcome to the most beautiful suburbs of Melbourne!

Lots of people in our community have moved here from other places in Australia and overseas so we know it can be daunting.  We’ve put together a ‘Welcome Pack’ to help you get settled in.

We have heard lots of stories from people new to this area. Based on these stories, we have put together an information pack that gives you some idea of where to find the most important things and how things work around here.

It is by no means comprehensive, but it will give you a head start as you settle in. And of course, you are always welcome to join us during our church services to make some real life connections with locals. We’d love to welcome you in person.