Our Vision & Mission


“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,
and with all your soul, and with all your strength,
and with all your mind; and your neighbour as yourself.”

– Luke 10:27


The question of identity and purpose are ones that are always before us. The one word that has come forward for us as a church is ‘wholeheartedly’.

To be wholehearted means to be fully or completely sincere. To do something with enthusiasm and energy. To be all in. Which doesn’t mean being perfect, on the contrary, it means showing up as we really are, having compassion, living and loving with our whole hearts.

Jesus put being wholehearted at the centra of Christian faith when he said you can summarise the entire law and the prophets like this, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbour as yourself.” (Luke 10:27).

We want people’s lives to change for the better through the power of God at work within them and through our loving presence. We are a local church that seeks to support and transform the lives of people in our area.

There are three essential or core things within this vision:

  1. Loving God
    It all starts with loving God. It is the most basic and essential aspect of discipleship, but it doesn’t stop there.
  2. Valuing one another
    In loving God we are invited to love what God loves, and to value what God values, and there is nothing God loves or values more than people.
  3. Embracing the local community
    The natural result is that we want to widen the embrace to include all of those God has placed us alongside.

Our Team

Rev Katrina Lambert – Senior Pastor

Hello, I’m Katrina.

I grew up in a Baptist family, but like many ‘church kids’ there came a point in which my faith was either going to fully become my own or fade away. I’m not the kind of person who settles for easy answers. It was through a process of exploring the world, experiencing both its delights and pain, and throwing some really tough questions at God that my faith was refined and strengthened.

Hearing the call to pastoral ministry marked a radical left turn in my life as I’d spent about 15 years climbing various corporate ladders.  After studying Social Science, I worked in management consulting in Canberra, London and Melbourne in the areas of leadership and change management. I really enjoyed being a consultant, but pastoral ministry is the place I’m meant to be. I’ve been pastoring at Albert Park since 2010.

I completed my theological training at Whitley College (the Baptist Theological College of Victoria) where I majored in Biblical Studies for the simple reason that I love the Bible. I find reading the Bible an endlessly fascinating, confounding and inspiring experience.

I am an ordained Baptist Minister with the Baptist Union of Victoria.  I am really passionate about education and serve as a member of the Council of the University of Divinity.

I live in Middle Park with my husband Christopher, we fell in love because of a photocopier and an Excel marco  – it’s a long story. I really enjoy cooking, painting and walking along the local beach.

I also enjoy a good prayer – one that moves or surprises me, or expresses what I feel but cannot say.  It’s this experience that motivated me become a ‘prayer-gatherer’ and create a website to collect the prayers of Victorian Baptists. You can find it here.

I’d love to welcome you to this community that I love, here at Albert Park Baptist Church.

You can contact Katrina HERE

Rev Dr Ian Hawley – Associate Pastor

Ian is a very experienced pastor with deep experience in theology, mission and church ministry. After undergraduate studies, Ian gained his PhD at London University where he wrote on the topic of “The Theology and Practice of Christian Conversion”. He is a graduate of Morling College and was a lecturer and Vice Principle at Bible College Victoria (now Melbourne School of Theology).

Ian has extensive experience as a missionary in Bangladesh with Global Interaction (ABMS, 1968-1978) and as the Overseas Director of Global Interaction (ABMS, 1979-1982).  Ian has pastored at the following churches; Macquarie Fields Baptist, Cross Culture Church of Christ (Swanston Street), Crossway North Baptist and Mosaic Baptist.

Ian is married to Barbara, they have two daughters and a five grandchildren.

Leaders of Albert Park Baptist

Wendi Pearce – Chair of Deacons

Wendi and Dale Pearce have been attending Albert Park Baptist for 6 years after moving to South Yarra from the eastern suburbs. Wendi is perhaps best known for her scones with jam and cream, a morning tea favourite. Less well known is the way Wendi quietly models Christian hospitality through opening up her home and her intentional building of relationships with people in the congregation. Wendi expresses her deep faith through quietly coming alongside people and offering practical support and care, she also serves regularly on The Food Van.

Wendi spent 25 years with News Corporation in senior roles and spent 15 of these years on their Executive. Her role spanned both the aviation and media operations, where she was Marketing Director for 10 years. She spent 10 years lecturing at Monash University in the School of Business and Economics, including in the MBA program. She is currently working in a family manufacturing business as the Commercial Director where she has 70 staff, and works alongside Woolworths, Coles and Aldi in the development of their products.

Gaye Pearson – Treasurer
April Nichols
Mike Stevens – Safety Officer
Andy Kay

Our Staff

Melissa Kirkham – Administrator

Melissa is our Administrator whilst Henrike is on parental leave. She commenced in September 2018 after serving for 1 year with the BUV Communications team. Prior to this, she managed a community education outreach program for 7 years at the University of Western Australia.

Melissa, her husband Shaun, and their two young children moved to Victoria from Perth in October 2017. They enjoy camping, jogging, cycling, festivals and exploring their new city.

Melissa’s days in the office are Tuesday to Thursday.

Kat Matler – Youth Ministry coordinator

Kat is our Youth Ministry Coordinator and  has been leading the Youth at Albert Park Baptist for 2 years. Kat grew up right here in the Albert Park Baptist community before feeling the call of God to study Theology at Whitley College.

Kat has a deep passion for faith formation in young people and seeing the Kingdom and Love of God expand past the church door and into the local community.

In her spare time Kat can be found walking her 3 legged spoodle or cooking up a storm for friends and family.


You can leave a message for Kat HERE

Damian Peck – Community Children’s Coordinator

I grew up in the Western suburbs and spent my teen years and early twenties playing music in pubs and clubs around Melbourne. It was during this time when I first really encountered God at a church bible study. Having been a musician for nearly two decades now, I understand how music can be a fantastic tool to communicate, encourage and inspire.

I have always had a natural rapport with children. I love seeing children learning new things and having a great time whilst they are at it. As the Community Children’s Coordinator I feel that a large part of my role is to create a safe space for the children in our community to make new friends, have a great time with music and just to be themselves. I also believe that the same applies to every parent and carer at our weekly playgroup.

We are passionate and deliberate about creating space and time during the busy week for parents and carers to make connections and build relationships with each other. That is how our church’s children’s ministry loves and serves our local community.

You can leave a message for Damian HERE

Gabi Fiorese – Kids Club Coordinator

Gabi is our Kids Club Ministry Coordinator and  has been a volunteer teacher for our  Kids Club for 3 years. Gabi grew up in Brazil where she graduated in teaching and worked in the industry for 7 years before travelling to the US and working as a nanny. Through God’s grace Gabi came to Australia and although working in many different fields they are all related to her passion for children.

Gabi has 3 children of her own and loves raising them in a community of faith and love. Gabi believes that children learn through visual and fun lessons and tries her best to bring the word of God alive whenever she teaches.

In her spare time Gabi likes to do DYI projects which include sewing, painting building, but her favourite is to have movie nights with her children.

You can leave a message for Gabi HERE